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EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor Process

67 EverMore Epoxy Floor Color Choices

Simply stated, the EverMore Epoxy Floor is the most durable and luxurious garage floor available. But it is not just the state-of-the-art materials...

The EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor process is both science and art that come together in an unmatched system to produce the absolute finest garage floors.

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Step 1: EverMore Garage Floor Prep

The purpose of proper garage floor prep is twofold. Remove contaminates and open the pours for the best bond possible.

The ultimate in durability starts with an extremely detailed concrete prep process. This typically takes 3-8 hours depending on the size and condition of your floor. We NEVER speed through prep to keep a schedule. This is the most important part of any project. We will not sacrifice the quality of our work.

  • DIAMOND GRINDING: We start by mechanically grinding your concrete with diamond impregnated metals. This removes contaminates such as oil, and opens the pours for stronger adhesion.
  • DUST EXTRACTION: Grinding concrete can be a messy affair. We follow strict guidelines to keep the dust to an absolute minimum. A clean project is the start of a job well done.
  • SHAPE FRONT EDGE: We will also expertly cut and shape the front lip of your garage to remove concrete boogers (technical term) and even out the surface.
  • FIND & FIX: Then we scour your floor for cracks, pits, holes, and other defects. Once we have identified the defects we fill/repair them with a state-of-the-art epoxy hybrid concrete repair. Once the repair material is cured (30 min) we will grind the repairs smooth.
  • FINAL CLEANING: Next comes the final dust extraction to remove any remaining dust trapped in the pours of your concrete. We do not use any water for this process because water is a bond breaker and can cause floor failure.

Step 2: Apply EverMore Epoxy to Garage Floor

It is time for your first two layers of ultimate protection... 

Once we apply the EverMore Epoxy and broadcast the flakes, your garage floor will never look dull and dingy again.

1. EverMore Epoxy Base

EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor Process

EverMore epoxy is so strong it wont come up without bringing some concrete with it.

The first layer of protection with your EverMore Epoxy Floor is deep-wicking direct-to-concrete epoxy. It bonds so well you can expect 3x more adhesion and moisture vapor emission-blocking power than other epoxies or polyaspartics and alternative garage floor coatings.

What this means is you will have a super strong bond. In fact, the bond is so strong the coating will not come off without taking some concrete with it.

2. Broadcast Color Flake

EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor Process

Flakes are broadcast into the epoxy for decoration and protection,

Once your deep-wicking moisture vapor barrier is applied and back rolled we will broadcast your second layer of protection.

Polymer flakes come in several sizes and any color you can imagine. These flakes are tossed into the uncured epoxy to the point or rejection. This means the epoxy is filled and covered and no more flakes will stick.

The epoxy/broadcast process takes about 3-4 hours from setup to clean up.

Epoxy doesn’t dry like paint; it goes through a chemical hardening process called curing. The curing/hardening process takes 8-12 hours but can be chemically accelerated to 2 hours.

Step 3: EverMore ShowFloor Finish Topcoat

Once the epoxy has hardened it is time for your industrial strength ShowFloor Finish topcoat.

EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor Process: ShowFloor Finish Topcoat

The EverMore ShowFloor Finish is an industrial grade topcoat that resists hot tire pick up and nearly all garage chemicals.

1. The preparation and application typically takes 3-4 hours. This usually happens the day after the epoxy/flake process.This specially formulated polyuria protects against all typical garage/car fluids, and many that aren’t so typical.

1. Scrape Excess Flakes

Scraping the flake on an EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor

Scraping up the excess flakes gives your garage a super clean and uniform look.

Before we can apply your ShowFloor topcoat we must collect the rejected flakes. Through a process of sweeping and scraping we remove any flakes that are not permanently bonded to your floor. Next we vacuum one final time.

This ensures that your floor has a super clean and uniform look before we apply the final layer of protection. If there are any blemishes we also fix those at this time.​

2. ShowFloor Finish

EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor Process

Now all that is left is to seal in the first two layers ( with yet another layer of protection) with a final layer of industrial strength chemical and abrasion resistant floor protection.

The ShowFloor Finish makes your whole garage pop. The luxurious sheen brings out the color in the flake. Your new garage floor will stay looking fresh, clean, and new for years to come.

Step4: The Curing Process

Your brand new EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor is almost done... 

All you have to do now is wait a little while and you will be able to enjoy your luxurious floor for years to come.

All that is left is the curing process of the ShowFloor top coat and your EverMore Floor is ready to impress.

All this preparation, state-of-the-art materials and Meticulous Attention to Detail adds up to an industry leading fully extendable, fully transferable... 

 3 to Life Warranty.

  • Your floor is warranted for life not to peel or delaminate.
  • Your floor is warranted for 3 years against…
    • Hot Tire Pick Up
    • Oil Stains
    • Gas Stains
    • Brake Fluid Stains
    • Many Other Garage Related Chemical Stains