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2 Car Garage – Marietta, GA –

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2 Car Garage Floor In Marietta, GA

"The WOW Factor Is Undeniable!"

Project Summary . . . 

Chip Color:  1/4" & 1" Custom - Lanai Luxury Blend

Epoxy Color:  Whisper Gray Epoxy

Sq. Footage:  550 sf

Location:  Camden Place  - Marietta, GA

A Little Bit About The Project . . . 

I LOVE This Color!

Close up Lanai Luxury Blend

There is just something special about this blend. 

It is rich and luxurious feeling, of course, but The depth provided by the 1" Brindle Chips is simply amazing in person.

When you catch the light just right - the silver mica flakes gently shimmer across the floor. It is really stunning.

If you want something that stands out from other garage floor coatings, but is still classy and elegant - this is my favorite chip blend right now.

Project Gallery . . .

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