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EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor in Marrietta, GA

A Clean Start With an Epoxy Garage Floor in Marrietta, GA

This project was a referral from the awesome, John Horney.  Thank you John!

Thank you to the client for trusting Atlanta Garage to head up your Garage Makeover! I could tell immediately that you like things clean and orderly. Your garage wasn't living up to your standards, and you had enough. 

I'm glad you called Atlanta Garage!​

​Along with an EverMore Epoxy Floor, the client was also considering a tile system for his garage. He had them before and liked the look. 

I asked him how they were to clean after a few months...

"Actually they do get pretty dirty. And they are not easy to clean. I like the way they look, but I really want my garage to be easy to clean and stay looking great."

Well when you need your garage to be easy to clean, there is no option like EverMore Epoxy Floors.  

The Client didn't really take any convincing. He had been in a garage finished by Atlanta Garage. He had seen our quality and the impact it made on the whole garage.

He did ask me a few good questions about our price and the value we bring.

We are never the cheapest, but we offer outstanding value.

It starts and ends with Meticulous Attention to Detail.

From our communication to our follow-through and everything in between.

Our goal is to give you a super durable and luxurious floor that will last a lifetime, with an installation experience you will want to brag on.

I hope we met your expectations.

The biggest challenge we faced was...

The concrete was very soft with lot of cracks. We had to take special care when grinding this concrete to ensure a smooth and even canvas for installing our EverMore Epoxy. 

Grinding the cracks can be challenging with soft concrete. The repair material is so hard that we must take special care not to create dips and groves in the soft concrete around the cracks.​

Our direct to concrete, deep-wicking epoxy comes with a manufacture backed lifetime warranty. I can only attest to the last 10 years, but I have never seen this material fail.

Epoxy Primer Stronger than Concrete

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