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4+ Car Garage Floor – Kennesaw GA –

An Exception To the Rule... 
4 ½ Car Garage Floor In Kennesaw, GA

Project Summary . . . 

Chip Color:  1/4" Toffee Chips on Cottonwood Epoxy

Epoxy Color:  Cottonwood Epoxy

Sq. Footage:  1200 sf

Location:   Kennesaw GA

A Little Bit About The Project . . . 

For those of you who know me and color... 

I'm pretty passionate about colors and how they work in a space. I have 1 major rule. Always have a black chip and a white chip in your floor.

This floor, like the client who chose it, was an exception to the rule.

And although the color they chose had no white... It was absolutely PERFECT for their home. The color scheme matched perfectly  on both the interior and exterior of their lovely home.


Like I said, most of my projects come by way of referral. I don't have to prove anything because my work and reputation typically do it for me.

But in this scenario the client didn't have the luxury of being a referral - so we had to feel each other out.

Let me tell you what this client did that most people never do...

He made sure I was a craftsman before he hired me - then, once he made his final choice - he got out of my way and let me do my best work.

But how do you make sure - before?

The first thing client noticed is that I don't waste time. Mine or my client's time. He appreciated by book-a-call screening process for what it is. A zero risk way to find out if we are a fit for your project - with a minimal investment of time.

As we went through the process he asked me questions asked me questions about my work and how I do it. He was, I think, looking for that underlying pride and responsibility that is the foundation of every craftsman.

Thankfully, he must have seen what he was looking for.

Here Is What I Hope You Take Away...

Do your homework... make sure that anyone you hire to come into your home has a sense of pride and ownership to their work that you can feel. 

Because here's the thing...

You and your home deserve someone who doesn't just install floors.

But someone who looks at every detail of their work and asks, over and over, how can I do this as perfectly as possible - every time.

That's my take on it anyway.

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