Lynchmob Racing Garage Floor Woodstock GA ⋆ Atlanta Garage Flooring
Lynchmob Racing Garage Floor Woodstock, GA GTR of lift

Lynchmob Racing Garage Floor Woodstock GA

Over 2000 sf of EverMore Epoxy Garage Flooring in Tuxedo...

My first project going out on my own was for Tim @ Lynchmob Racing. We were brought together by my good friend Justin over at ACW!  Thank you both for the opportunity. 

For those of you who don't know Tim, he is the most the only person I know who is more picky and particular than I am. He is extremely detail oriented, which is one of the main reasons that Lynchmob Racing builds the best motors you can buy.

​This proved to be a great opportunity for my company. Actually it is the reason I started my company.

I have done these floors for more than 10 years. All with other companies. I had a vision of how these floors could and should be done better. I knew if I could meet or  exceed Tim's expectations I was ready to start my company.

Perfect Precision on the Lynchmob Racing Garage Floor

Always Perfect Precision at Lynchmob Racing

​I am so grateful to Tim and Justin both for giving me the chance to fulfill my vision for a better garage flooring experience.

The biggest challenges we faced were the two different pours of concrete in the two different garages.

The new garage, the Lynchmob Racing garage has super tight and hard concrete. It took forever to get that floor mechanically prepped.

The garage attached to the house had the old "Box Store" epoxy. It was pealing up and the concrete was really soft.​

But good prep is it's own reward, because it is the best insurance policy you can ever take out when it comes to any job well done.

Tim really liked the look when he first put it down, but he hated how it got dingy and peeled up under his hot tires. He never did believe me that the product I used would not ever peel up. ​Well, now he does.

3 Layer Epoxy Garage Flooring Atlanta

Moisture vapor emmisions is the biggest threat to epoxy flooring. Any chemical coating for that matter. Most epoxy can withstand about 3lbs of MVE (moisture vapor emissions.

Our direct to concrete primer and bond coat in one is 3X more resistant than standard epoxy. What this means to you is it would take extreme circumstances for moisture to damage an EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor.

Our direct to concrete, deep-wicking epoxy comes with a manufacture backed lifetime warranty. I can only attest to the last 10 years, but I have never seen this material fail.

Tim said it came up when he dropped a rear differential, but the concrete came up with it. So... 

Epoxy Primer Stronger than Concrete

We did have some issues with dust on this project. This was the biggest take away for my company on this project. We have since developed several policies to prevent dust issues.

In a constant pursuit of perfection my team and I evaluate each project day-by-day.

We discuss what we did right, and what we could have done better.

I feel like the best way to get better is to figure out what you can do better and how you can do it better. Then DO IT.​

I hate when we have any issues. But as a company, we admit our mistakes. And we take actions to fix any problems and prevent them form happening again. This is how we pursue perfection.

Since December 2014 Tim has referred me to several people. I can't tell you how much it means to me when people appreciate our work enough to recommend us to friends and family.

​My favorite part of the project was at the very end...

Tim told me, "Now it all makes sense. Everything you did, all your strange methods. The attention to tiny details. It all makes sense now that I look at the end result." 

Getting a compliment on your attention to detail from a guy like Tim is huge. 

Somehow I lost my before and during pictures of this project.  But I have plenty of after pictures to show you below.

2000+ sf Lynchmob Racing Garage Floor Gallery

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