3 Car Cappuccino Epoxy Garage Floor Woodstock GA ⋆ Atlanta Garage Flooring
Cappuccino Epoxy Garage Floor Woodstock GA

Cappuccino Epoxy Garage Floor Woodstock GA

Thank You Jeff & Bonnie For Letting Us Refinish Your Garage Floor...

This 3 car garage was my first referral from Tim Lynch of Lynchmob Racing. Thanks Tim for trusting us. This time with your in-laws to boot. Good thing we didn't mess up! 

Jeff & Bonnie built themselves an absolutely stunning home off of Lake Allatoona in Woodstock. My job was to make sure their garage lived up to the rest of the home.

There were a few challenges with this project. There was a chunk of concrete missing from the front lip. The garage floor got damages when they poured the driveway.

There was also a huge chunk missing by the back door. I am not sure how this one happened, but it was important to fix this one right so we didn't have any moisture issues coming from the back door.

3 Layer Epoxy Garage Flooring Atlanta

Moisture vapor emmisions is the biggest threat to epoxy flooring. Any chemical coating for that matter. Most epoxy can withstand about 3lbs of MVE (moisture vapor emissions.

Our direct to concrete primer and bond coat in one is 3X more resistant than standard epoxy. What this means to you is it would take extreme circumstances for moisture to damage an EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor.

Our direct to concrete, deep-wicking epoxy comes with a manufacture backed lifetime warranty. I can only attest to the last 10 years, but I have never seen this material fail.

Tim said it came up when he dropped a rear differential, but the concrete came up with it. So... 

Epoxy Primer Stronger than Concrete

Still we don't ever take any chances with your garage. So we used our hybrid poly crack repair material to fix the damaged concrete. 

This crack repair material wicks into the pours and then expands as it cures. It is hard in 15 minutes and harder than concrete within an hour. 

Check out the concrete repairs for this garage...

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This was a fun project. Jeff spent a lot of time hanging out with me while I worked on his garage floor.

Typically I like to be heads down focused. And at some points I absolutely must give the floor all my attention. But I really enjoyed talking with Jeff when I didn't need full focus. 

I didn't get as many pictures of us installing this garage floor as I would have liked. I never do. Once we get focused on the project I don't pay attention to much else. 

This Woodstock garage was big for a 3 car at 900sf. There were no saw cuts or expansion joints. Fortunately the weather was very moderate so we were able to apply the epoxy in one seamless coat. It got a little tough to roll out at the end, but nothing we haven't dealt with before.

Jeff had considered doing the project himself. Tim warned him that to do it right was much more involved than it looked. There are a lot of little pro tricks that make the install go smoothly and cleanly. 

And it always costs more to repair it than to have it done right the first time. Jeff heeded Tim's warning and we are both glad he did.

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