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It is Finally Your Turn 

The Ultimate Garage Floor

Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

Your garage floor takes more abuse than any other floor in your home. That doesn't mean it has to look beat up...

The EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor installed by Atlanta Garage is the most durable and toughest finish available for your garage floor. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Not only will it revamp your dingy, boring concrete... It will instantly transform your garage into a clean, finished, and functional space you will enjoy coming home to.

Commercial Garage Floor Testimonial

Tim Lynch - Lynchmob Racing

Tim Lynch Lynchmob Racing

The Attention to Detail from Atlanta Garage is Second to None

I had that cheap epoxy that you get from the store in my garage. It looked great... Until it started to peel up under my tires. I knew I needed something more durable for the Lynchmob Racing Shop. 

Two years of tearing down cars and building engines and my EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor still looks brand new.

We are very proud of the fact that multiple clients have recommended us to their parents. It shows that we are doing a good job. It means our clients trust us.
Jeff P. Olde Heratige - Woodstock, GA

Looks Like New Money!

When I pull in my garage it just feels so clean and finished. If you want a garage floor that is one-n-done...  That you're going to be proud to show off to your friends... This is it!