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3 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make With Garage Flooring

The 3 Biggest Mistakes 
Most People Make With Garage Flooring

What You Are About To Discover. . . 

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  • DIAMOND GRINDING: We start by mechanically grinding your concrete with diamond impregnated metals. This removes contaminates such as oil, and opens the pours for stronger adhesion.
  • DUST EXTRACTION: Grinding concrete can be a messy affair. We follow strict guidelines to keep the dust to an absolute minimum. A clean project is the start of a job well done.
  • SHAPE FRONT EDGE: We will also expertly cut and shape the front lip of your garage to remove concrete boogers (technical term) and even out the surface.
  • FIND & FIX: Then we scour your floor for cracks, pits, holes, and other defects.¬†Once we have identified the defects we fill/repair them with a state-of-the-art epoxy hybrid concrete repair.¬†Once the repair material is cured (30 min) we will grind the repairs smooth.
  • FINAL CLEANING: Next comes the final dust extraction to remove any remaining dust trapped in the pours of your concrete. We do not use any water for this process because water is a bond breaker and can cause floor failure.

Step 2: Apply EverMore Epoxy to Garage Floor

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