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EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor... NOT For Everyone!

Finally it was my turn! For 13 years I missed out.

I thought I knew what I was missing. It turns out I was missing a whole lot more!

What Was I Really Missing...

I knew they were durable, but I had no idea how much abuse they could really take and still keep the luster and beauty of when they were first installed.

I knew they make the garage look finished; I had no idea how much pride and joy I would feel each and every time I come through the door.

I didn’t realize that every person that came through the garage would fall in love with the floor. Especially my wife.

I couldn’t be more pleased and excited about my EverMore Garage Floor. But in truth, these high-end luxury floors are definitely NOT for everyone.

I will clarify who it is not for in just a second. First let me tell you briefly…

What is EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor by Atlanta Garage?

An EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor is a luxurious welcome home every time you pull into your garage.

The 3-layer epoxy system changes the industrial feel of dirty dingy concrete. It replaces it with a warm and luxurious feeling that is hard to describe. The beautiful finished floor literally transforms your garage and truly makes it an extension of your home.

3 Protective Layers of Easy to Clean Luxury...

EverMore Garage Floors offer you industrial level protection from dirt and chemicals, combined with the elegance and beauty of custom designed flooring.

1. Deep-Wicking epoxy primer and base provide your first layer of protection, complete with a lifetime guarantee against peeling or flaking.

2. Polymer enhanced vinyl flecks are broadcast into the basecoat giving you another layer of impact resistance. These flecks come in 47 standard blends and can be customized to match or enhance any design.

3. The polyuria ShowFloor finish is a specially formulated topcoat that is highly chemical resistant and 4X more scratch resistant that epoxy. With a glass like finish it enhances the colors and provides another 4 mils of durable protection to your floor.

3 Layer Epoxy Garage Flooring Atlanta

EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor NOT For Everyone!

There are two types of people reading this right now. One is an ideal candidate for EverMore Garage Floors. For the other type, EverMore Floors are not right.

For those of you whom this type of flooring is not right…

We will try and help you realize it quickly so you can move on and not waste any more of your time.

Who is an EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor NOT For?

· If you do not care about the value of your home… If you don’t care how it looks… If you don’t take pride in your stuff… This would not be a good investment for you.

· If you don’t mind the look of dirty and dingy concrete, because you have so much crap you can’t even see the floor. Well, you probably need to invest in some organization first.

· If you evaluate every investment you make based on the price rather than the quality or value… This is definitely not for you.

An EverMore Garage Floor is an investment. It will increase the value and salability of your home. It will intensify your sense of pride when you pull in your garage every day. It will extend the beauty of your home into an area that is often neglected and abused.

If none of that matters to you, then you should not waste any more of your time reading on.

Always The Best Value!

Atlanta Garage Flooring GTR

If you are primarily focused on cheap this is not for you. We will never be the cheapest. We will ALWAYS be the BEST VALUE.

We Base Our Incredible Value on 3 Factors...

1. Our product comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means you will never regret your investment, because it will never fail. Every year you enjoy a fault free floor your investment is even more valuable.

2. We are completely M.A.D. Meticulous Attention to Detail. This means we pay attention to every last minute detail. From the front lip of your garage to the back corner, we scour our work to make sure it is as close to perfect as possible. Some people call it anal, we call it the standard.

3. We understand that a job well done is more than just the final product. The process is important too. The EverMore installation process is clean and efficient. We go out of our way, so you don’t have to go out of your way. Because there are enough companies we all regret hiring… Atlanta Garage will never be the company you regret. This is a promise.

Who Atlanta Garage Does Serve...

Garage Concrete Repair With Epoxy
Epoxy Garage Floor Canton Holly Springs

We have no desire to be all things to all people. We don’t even want to be one thing to all people.

Atlanta Garage is a garage flooring company that offers High-End Garage Floors that Last a Lifetime… Guaranteed.

This promise and guarantee means that we only deal with high-end clients. People that take pride in their home.  Those of you who truly value quality craftsmanship.

· Maybe you love your cars and want to park them on a floor that enhances their beauty.

· Maybe you just like to be clean and can’t stand things being dirty and dingy.

· Maybe you want to increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell one day.

If you are picky, particular, hard-to-please... GREAT! 

We are definitely the garage flooring company for you.

You are the type of person that looks at value over price. You know that you usually get what you pay for, and you would rather pay a fair price for quality that lasts and a great experience.

These are the people we proudly serve.

Only a NEED to Some of Us...

There are a myriad of reasons people invest in an EverMore Garage Floor.

I realized a long time ago, there is no point in trying to convince someone that they need a luxurious garage floor.

Let’s be honest, no one needs one.

Well, except maybe those who have already had one.

We want to spend our time and energy providing the best quality and value for the people that understand, and truly desire the beneficial impact of this investment.

An EverMore Garage Floor is an indulgence, a luxury. If you are tight on money this is not where you should spend it. But if you have the money and love the idea of luxurious garage to come home to… This might be for you.

Jeff P. Olde Heratige - Woodstock, GA

Looks Like New Money!

When I pull in my garage it just feels so clean and finished. If you want a garage floor that is one-n-done...  That you're going to be proud to show off to your friends... This is it! 

If You Got This Far...

You Are One of Us!