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EverMore Epoxy Garage Flooring Woodstock GA Olde Heritage Motorcycle

3 Car Epoxy Garage Floor Woodstock GA (Old Heritage)

Thank You Jeff For Letting Us Refinish Your Garage Floor...

This 3 car garage was another referral from Tim Lynch of Lynchmob Racing. Thanks Tim for trusting us yet again.

This EverMore Epoxy Garage Floor was pretty straight forward. It was a new home build in Olde Heritage neighborood in Woodstock, GA. An absolutely beautiful home by the way.

This one was fun because it was during the summer and I was able to have my oldest daughter help on the project. I was surprised at how hard she worked. It was hot too. Good job Ky.

We had one decent sized crack to repair. Pretty standard.

Other than the one crack the prep went smoothly. We opened up the pours and got it ready for the epoxy primer/bond coat.  

Epoxy Primer Stronger than Concrete

Our direct to concrete, deep-wicking epoxy comes with a manufacture backed lifetime warranty. I can only attest to the last 10 years, but I have never seen this material fail.

Tim said it came up when he dropped a rear differential, but the concrete came up with it. So... 

I didn't get as many pictures of us installing this garage floor as I would have liked. It was hot and a floor done right comes before documentation. Still, I went back afterwards and got some good pictures with Jeff's bike collection.

My favorite is his wife's Steelers bike in the picture above. Maybe because it has Atlanta Garage colors.

Anyway there is not much more to say about this project. It is a pleasure to work for someone that respects your craftsmanship and lets you do your work.

Here is what Jeff had to say about his awesome new garage floor.

Jeff P. Olde Heratige - Woodstock, GA

Looks Like New Money!

When I pull in my garage it just feels so clean and finished. If you want a garage floor that is one-n-done...  That you're going to be proud to show off to your friends... This is it! 

Oh Jeff... Thank you so much for referring us to your parents. It makes me super proud that you trust us enough to take care of your parents. Dean and Flo are fantastic.

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